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Sandy asks…

I just started taking lithium carbonate 300 mg in the am, 600 mg in the evening?

What are the side effects, did anyone experience weight gain or weight loss on this medication?

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Your Questions About Lithium Treatment For Mental Illness /091943-your-questions-about-lithium-treatment-for-mental-illness /091943-your-questions-about-lithium-treatment-for-mental-illness#comments Sun, 28 Apr 2013 21:40:03 +0000 Eric /091943-your-questions-about-lithium-treatment-for-mental-illness

Lizzie asks…

Can you work as a psychologist if you have a mental illness?

I suspect that I have bipolar but I am terrified that if I get a diagnosis I will not be able to work as a practicing psychologist (which I have been studying to do at university for 5 years). Does anyone know? If I am diagnosed with it then I would refuse medication for personal reasons but would happily engage in alternative or behavioural/psychological treatment…but im afraid that without medication – or perhaps even with medication the system will not allow someone with a mental illness to work in that profession! Please help

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Your Questions About Is Lithium Safe /091942-your-questions-about-is-lithium-safe-5 /091942-your-questions-about-is-lithium-safe-5#comments Sat, 27 Apr 2013 22:05:03 +0000 Eric /091942-your-questions-about-is-lithium-safe-5

Betty asks…

Are cr123 rechargeable lithium photo batteries from ebay safe?

I never heard of rechargeable lithium batteries.

Are they safe to put in my camera?

Eric answers:

I’ve had good results with these:

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Your Questions About Schizophrenia Statistics /091941-your-questions-about-schizophrenia-statistics-3 /091941-your-questions-about-schizophrenia-statistics-3#comments Fri, 26 Apr 2013 22:30:02 +0000 Eric /091941-your-questions-about-schizophrenia-statistics-3

Betty asks…

Catatonic Schizophrenia case study please?

I’m doing a project for my psychology class on Catatonic Schizophrenia. I am trying to find someone that knows someone who has it, or who has it themselves. Or even if you heard of someone famous having it? I just want to ask a few questions. I’ve been searching everywhere and cant find anything. Please refer me, thank you.
(It would be helpful if I could talk to that person tonight or tomorrow.)

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Your Questions About Fear Of Taking Antidepressants /091940-your-questions-about-fear-of-taking-antidepressants-5 /091940-your-questions-about-fear-of-taking-antidepressants-5#comments Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:55:03 +0000 Eric /091940-your-questions-about-fear-of-taking-antidepressants-5

Susan asks…

Should i take antidepressants?

I have been suffering from melancholic depression for about 6 weeks.
These are my symptoms.

*Inability to think clearly. Fuzzy thinking
*The world feels kinda surreal when im not feeling grief
*constant mild sadness for no reason (feeling as though im going to cry at any minute)
*occasional severe grief and hopeless feeling like im spiraling out of control
*hot flashes from sudden burst of fear/worry for illogical reason
*Early morning waking
*Loss of pleasure from activites i used to love
*restlessness and sudden anger/aggitation
*Difficulty to begin moving and severe fatigue

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Your Questions About Depression Symptoms /091939-your-questions-about-depression-symptoms-3 /091939-your-questions-about-depression-symptoms-3#comments Wed, 24 Apr 2013 23:20:03 +0000 Eric /091939-your-questions-about-depression-symptoms-3

Lizzie asks…

My 3 year old has depression symptoms, what should I do?

My husband has been out of the country for 9 months now and our 3 year old has been showing depression symptoms. He is constantly crying for his Daddy. I don’t know what to do. We don’t know when we’ll see my husband again.

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Your Questions About Suicide In America 2012 /091938-your-questions-about-suicide-in-america-2012-5 /091938-your-questions-about-suicide-in-america-2012-5#comments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 23:45:02 +0000 Eric /091938-your-questions-about-suicide-in-america-2012-5

Lizzie asks…

What are some recommended books to read?

I’d like to know what’s good out there right now, other that fantasy (I dislike it a lot.)

Eric answers:

Try Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole ( and its sequel Nokosee & Stormy: Love & Bullets ( Both are contemporary “pre-dystopian” books written from a 17-year-old girl’s POV. They come with lots of action and adventure and Stormy Jones, the girl in the stories, is a character that will stick with you for a long time. She’s far from perfect but she’s real enough to want to love her and pull for her during her life on the run with Nokosee. Apparently they’re trying to make them into a movie because I found this in a Google search:

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Your Questions About Suicide Rate In The Us 2012 /091937-your-questions-about-suicide-rate-in-the-us-2012-2 /091937-your-questions-about-suicide-rate-in-the-us-2012-2#comments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 00:10:03 +0000 Eric /091937-your-questions-about-suicide-rate-in-the-us-2012-2

Nancy asks…

What kind of MP3 player should I purchuse?

I am looking into buying a 8gb mp3 player but I don’t know which brand to buy? Should I buy an apple mp3 player or a touch screen mp3 player?

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Your Questions About What Is Mental Health Recovery /091936-your-questions-about-what-is-mental-health-recovery-4 /091936-your-questions-about-what-is-mental-health-recovery-4#comments Mon, 22 Apr 2013 00:35:03 +0000 Eric /091936-your-questions-about-what-is-mental-health-recovery-4

Donna asks…

Please…help me…I have nothing left (this isn’t attention seeking)?

Hi….er I am 19 years old, I quit work last year….after taking my second overdose of all these pills, what happened was I left high school in 2008 graduating with a Higher School Certificate of a UAI score of 49.70%, I happened to stumble across an apprentice chef job 1st year last year of 2009 which I am technically a second year now even though I am not working, I still do TAFE part time on Mondays 8 to 5, and also I do Australian Air Force Cadets it is my last year at cadets because I turn 20 years old and you have to leave or you can join as a Cadet Staff Member, I got bullied and picked on at high school and primary school, I had a few friends etc, so obviously I have trust issues, people continue to this day to treat me like shit, I overdosed last September of 09 and actually admitted to having a mental illness after many many years, I don’t even remember being normal and here I have my mother and father who split up when I was 6 and he remarried a Macedonian women who fights with my father and is crazy, I got subjected to Domestic violence along with my sister since Primary and to have all my family members neglect me, including my mother, he had kids with Lenka and they are crazy in the head because of all the domestic violence they got put through when they were babies along with me and my sister, moving along I went out with this girl first time ever to go out with someone, I thought I might try a girl who I met on the internet, which I am or used to be an internet addict which I resorted to virtual reality to make friends that all backfired on me, until I met Tamika she was nice at first, then I eventually found out her true self, she eventually dumped me through a text message on a mobile phone, then moving on straight away, I overdosed on 48 panadol, got put in Hospital, then after that another overdose of 68 tablets of Panadol and quitting my job in the Cafe I worked because I also got subjected to a huge amount of bullying and abuse as an apprentice chef, terrified of my boss who would always talk about sex and treat me like shit, not give me any time for anything not even for the doctors, so…..I still felt suicidal and like shit so I overdosed on all these pills aspirin,panadol, my antidepressants at the time, over this period of time I have accounted for over 280 pills I have taken, resulting in 6 or more stays at Hospital in various places, moving along I do see a social worker at the community health center I ditched my psychologist because her cognitive behavior therapy wasn’t helping me even though I was seeing her for about a couple of months, now I don’t see anyone the GP’s I have been to, have ditched me or walked out, or said very unsympathetic things like “I don’t feel sorry for you”, “Do it then, overdose etc”, I went to a club last year called Westclub where it deals in Mental Health recovery, I am now currently seeing a man much older than me about 34 who has a mental illness himself, we have been going out for five weeks, but like a tangled mess such as the girls I was talking to online and all that crap, I have just found out that he….now that I removed my relationship status on facebook, I haven’t seen him since….last week, and now I get told from someone else he is seeing someone else from a third party resource, he is a heavy addict on drugs and alcohol and cannot stop even though it upsets me, I try to help….I don’t know…, I stayed over a friends place who has multiple personality disorder last night..

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Your Questions About Mental Illness /091935-your-questions-about-mental-illness-3 /091935-your-questions-about-mental-illness-3#comments Sun, 21 Apr 2013 01:00:07 +0000 Eric /091935-your-questions-about-mental-illness-3

Richard asks…

What’s the difference between mental illness and mental retardation?

What’s the difference between mental illness and mental retardation?

Eric answers:

Well just from the hip, mental retardation would include down syndrome, for example a 20 year old with the mind capacity of a 5 year old. Mental illness could be depression, an addiction, sociopath, psychopath. Drugs can help illness, not retardation

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